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Fed up of sacrificing your own needs to keep others happy?

Reclaim your life today

Discover life beyond self-sacrifice

Dr Sally Conway provides online coaching and therapy to guide women away from self-sacrifice towards a life of greater freedom and choice.

Gain insight

Feel validated and heard while you develop a compassionate understanding of why you do what you do.

Notice & allow

Nurture a new relationship with your doubts and fears so they no longer hold you back from doing what you would like to do.

Discover your why

Explore what matters to you at your core and use what you discover to help you make decisions and get unstuck.

Get more freedom

With a fresh understanding and new ways to cope you can step confidently towards a happier more meaningful life.

What my clients say

Join dozens of people just like you who have reclaimed their lives.

“It has been truly life changing for me. I would highly recommend Sally for anyone who wants to work through their challenges and find a greater level of freedom within themselves. I now feel free to live life on my terms”

“The insight, understanding and resilience generated by my interactions with Sally Conway has been immense and will enable me to address my future life with calmness confidence and positivity”

How to get started

Your 3 step plan to discover a life that's right for you.

1. Arrange a call

First arrange your free call with Sally to discuss what you need and if you would like to work together.

2. Develop a plan

Next book an appointment and plan your personalised pathway from self-sacrifice towards a life you love.

3. Discover you

Now you can be gently guided to embody your values and strengths and start living life on your terms.

women enjoying life beyond self-sacrifice

Don't waste another hour sacrificing your own needs

How much longer can you continue putting others first and neglecting your own needs before you’re exhausted and burned out?

It’s time to step away from self-sacrifice and step into a life where you feel happier and more fulfilled. After all you deserve to have a life that’s right for you.

Guiding women away from self-sacrifice towards a life they love

I know what it’s like to not take care of yourself, to feel like you’re just going through the motions and losing yourself in the process. I’ve been there, it’s hard and it doesn’t feel great!

Only after much soul searching and the support of my own therapy and coaching did I learn what is important to me and how to get more of this into my life.

Since then, I’ve been making it my mission to help women like you learn to put themselves first with courage and compassion. By doing this you will find the freedom to live the life you want.

Dr Sally Conway online coach and psychologist helping women overcome self-sacrifice

Dr Sally Conway, Clinical Psychologist & Coach

I understand how it feels to run yourself ragged trying to keep others happy and losing yourself in the process

That’s why I’ve helped dozens of women discover simple ways they can step out of self-sacrifice and start living the life they want every day.

Just imagine being clear of your priorities, making decisions that are right for you and feeling in control of your life.

In order to do that you need to connect with your own needs and learn how to put yourself first without feeling guilty. 

So arrange your free call today and start your journey from self-sacrifice to self-love.

Pricing & Offers

Choose the therapy and coaching package that's right for you.

Book as many single or package offers as you like.

Arrange your free call today to discuss how many sessions you might need.

1 Hour

Gives you time and space to reflect on what's keeping you stuck in self-sacrifice and what will help you move towards a freer life.

3 x 1 Hour offer £330

Takes you from reflection to planning and beyond. Explore what matters most to you and identify goals to forge your new path.

6 x 1 Hour offer £600

Builds your confidence to break free from old habits. Discover ways to handle your fears and worries as you make desired changes.

Woman enjoying a moment of her own

Give yourself the break you deserve

Therapy is like the holiday that keeps on giving. Unlike that relaxed holiday feeling that fades with your tan, therapy and coaching will help you reconnect with yourself and find greater purpose every single day.

Not only this but you will gain skills that will enable you to breeze through future challenges and change the way you live for the rest of your life.

Get off the treadmill of self-sacrifice and step into the life you want today

Gentle yet effective strategies that help every area of your life, from business to friendships, from family to finding meaning in your life.

Get clarity

Handle your fears

Reclaim your life