stress and anxiety

Are you struggling with stress and anxiety?


Do you wake with a sense of dread?

Worry what the day will bring?

Have a tight chest, racing heart or feel hot and shaky?

Fear your best is not good enough

Beat yourself up and tell yourself you should be able to do this?

Struggle to cope with workload or other responsibilities?

Feel unheard and unsupported?

I can help

By helping people learn how to handle their stress and anxiety they feel calmer and more in control of their actions. After therapy they are more confident in their own abilities and better able to manage stressful situations. This means they can make decisions and take actions that are right for them.

Here's how

When I work with you to overcome your anxiety, we’ll first figure out together what your triggers are and how they developed. Then I’ll help you understand what happens in your body when you get anxious.

Next, we will look at some quick ways to reduce your racing heart so you immediately feel more in control. For example, this might include breathing in different ways or imagining a calm place.

Once your body is more under control, we’ll look at what your mind is telling you. No doubt it’s pretty hard on you at times! We’ll look at ways you can become your own friend, change your perspective or just step out of your thoughts for a bit.

Alongside this we’ll identify what you can do differently to ‘test out’ your fears. But don’t worry we’ll start with very small steps so you don’t feel overwhelmed. 

What you should feel instead is a growing belief in your own abilities and competence. As a result you will feel able to take further steps so you become less anxious and even more confident. 

In this way your cycle of anxiety begins to reverse.

What if you've always struggled with anxiety?

Sometimes things that happened when you were younger could be underlying your current anxiety. In these cases being placed in situations that remind you of your earlier experiences can bring back your old fears and anxieties.

Consequently you think, feel and respond just as you did in the past. Usually this is not helpful to you in your current life!

If this sounds like you then a therapy called EMDR may help. To start, I’ll help you understand why you are having these experiences and why EMDR might be useful.

Then we’ll look at ways you can manage any uncomfortable feelings that might come up. So you might be asked to think of people or places you find calming or supportive, for instance. 

Next you’ll bring up your memory whilst following a dot on screen or tapping your shoulders or knees. Sounds a bit odd I know! But this is shown to help work through your memories, a bit like when you are dreaming. Meaning that you no longer feel overwhelmed when faced with triggering situations.

After this we do the same with any remaining anxieties you have. Finally, we work on building your confidence to face future situations that could trigger your anxiety.

Our aim

Whatever your specific anxiety or stress-related issues, we will decide together how to address them. By drawing on your expert knowledge of you and my psychological expertise we can select the strategies that best fit you and your needs. 

Above all our key aim is that your therapy experience is beneficial for you. Think what you could gain by getting in touch today.

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